April 12, 2013

Around the Garden

I snuck out between rain showers the other day to take some photos and when I turned my back this Cooper's Hawk flew in. He landed on the fence and was hidden so I attempted to pish him out. My high pitched pish got him really excited and he flew out and landed in a tree a couple of feet from me. Then he flew to this branch for a split second before realizing I wasn't a songbird. Then he took off. Pretty exciting 10 seconds of yard action.


  1. When did you become such an accomplished pisher? Luring predators with the sweet sound of lunch!

  2. Lovely photos ! Spring is slowly coming around here ! Have a good day !

  3. Yes, please work on these pishing skills- we'll need them for Birdathon! Pretty awesome that you fooled the hawk.


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