June 03, 2013

This Weekend

I chipped away at the bark pile in my driveway for a good portion of one day and I have to say my garden is looking darn good. I always feel like June is the best month for my garden and I spent some time appreciating it this weekend. The next day I got a well deserved massage at Breitenbush and some soaking time in the mineral hot springs. Just what I needed after moving ten wheelbarrows full of bark!


  1. So glad to hear you got back to Breitenbush and actually GOT your massage!

  2. Looks fabulous there! Great job! We are getting some needed rain this a.m. The garden is shaping up and I am just loving it all. :)

  3. Wow it looks awesome! Some of the plants you gave me are really starting to take off, so I can only imagine that their "parent" plants are looking amazing over there.


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