June 19, 2013

Weekend Birding

This weekend I went back to Cooper Mountain and it was great. I got there at 7am this time. So much more bird song and fresh morning summer air. It continues to be a good spot to visit. Yesterday I went to Ridgefield and walked the Carty Unit and the Kiwa Trail. The Carty Unit was full of mosquitoes and we made it a quick walk and then went over to the Kiwa. It was mosquito-y too, but not quite as bad. Beware if you go there, I imagine it will only get worse. We got 50 species at Ridgefield, but heard more than we saw. It felt like "summer birding" there.

This was one of those weekends where the birds just didn't want to cooperate for a photo shoot. I would be just about ready to take the shot and the bird would fly. Sometimes its like that.

Cooper Mountain:::

House Wrens haven't fledged yet.

This was the highlight! Northern Flicker babies. I got in two shots and sat and waited for the parent
to come back to the hole. I must have waited 30 minutes before finally giving up. I was
concerned my presence was keeping the parents away even though I was a ways back from the snag.


  1. Booo mosquitoes! I vaguely remember last year being not so bad at Ridgefield but the year before was hell. I wonder what the difference is. And I agree with Robin- Baby flickers!!!!!

  2. The treefrog is AWESOME. Happy summer!


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