July 01, 2013

Early Morning at Cooper Mountain

Mystery bird....vireo??

The baby White-crowned Sparrows were on the ground, but got up on the fence when they saw Dad do it.

I adore the leg lift when he belts it out.

Yesterday I went to Cooper Mountain at 6am and it was great. Portland is having a heat wave and the best time to get out and see birds and wildlife is early...and the lighting is best for photography. I heard more birds than I saw, but the stuff I saw was good and it was nice to see some Painted Lady Butterflies, snakes, and bugs.


  1. Beautiful photos ! I like going out in the early morning for photography . Thanks for sharing ! Have a good day !

  2. Looks like a Cassin's Vireo- nice find!

  3. Yeah I was going to say maybe Cassin's but SOMEBODY beat me to it! I like the young White-crowneds- pretty cute.


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