July 04, 2013

Summertime = Dragonflies

Common Whitetail

Mating Bluet

Pacific Forktail

Western Pondhawk (female)

not sure what this one is

I walked around the water at Tualatin Hills Nature Park this afternoon looking for Dragonflies. I was pleased to find many. I took a stab at ID and feel confident on a few of them, but would appreciate being corrected if I'm wrong.

Butterflies were around too. I saw a swallowtail and Lorquin's Admiral in addition to this Spring Azure.

This Bullfrog was hoping to get a dragonfly too.

While sitting and waiting for dragonflies to land I saw a robin fly into a tree across the creek and sit on her nest.

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  1. Awesome series! I love the various dragonflies. Great captures!


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