August 22, 2013

Mt. Rainier National Park

The mountain in all its glory. Every day was a sunny 75 degrees with a light breeze.

Reflection Lake

The Nisqually River
Paradise Inn had lanterns with botanical flower drawings. I am especially partial to the bird one though.

This real live deer was quite the model with the mountain as backdrop.

Wildflowers everywhere! Indian Paintbrush, Alpine Daisies, Anemone seedheads, Gentian, Monkeyflower, Valerian, Lupine and more.

The marmots of Golden Gate trail were adorable and so friendly. They lounge on warm rock and frolic in alpine wildflower meadows. What a life.

The Tatoosh Mountains from the Golden Gate trail.

Shadow Lake near the Sunrise Visitors Center.

We saw 30 species of birds, although I didn't get a lot of bird photos. We didn't see many of the mountain specialties, but I was still satisfied with what I did see.

Mountain Chickadees were fun to see!

More of the Tatoosh Mountains.

Sunbeam Creek in the evening.

Mt. Rainier National Park was breathtakingly beautiful. There was so much to explore and photograph that it was hard to limit this post to a mere 37 photos!


  1. Ahhh so so gorgeous!! Where did you stay while you were there? Or did you camp? Awesome waterfall shots, awesome flower shots, and oh boy do I love me some marmots!

  2. so rad, each photo is postcard worthy.

  3. Surreal pictures! Just beautiful.

  4. We've not been and so need to at some point. GORGEOUS!

  5. Wow, these are awesome! I've been blog hopping so I don't know how I ended up here, but love, love, love your writing and photography.


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