August 27, 2013

This Weekend

Tualatin River NWR: Sunday Morning

We weren't sure what this baby bird was. It was squawking and calling, but no parents came. Western Bluebird? Lazuli Bunting?

Migration is picking up and we had a good count of 50 species at Tualatin River.

Back at home the feeders have been busy!

This house finch with a deformed bill is disturbing.


  1. Wonderful photos ! Some of our summer birds have migrated already ..this wacky weather we have had all year is the culprit for the birds strange migration and the lack of butterfly's we have had . Thanks for sharing ! Have a good week !

  2. Love that snake skin- is it from a garter or something more exciting? I also really like that flicker shot, and the silly baby bird.. Look at you all excited about counting birds, haha!


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