September 29, 2013

Indoor Birding

Today it rained all day. ALL DAY.
I kept a tally of all my yard birds and had 20 species. Surprisingly I didn't see any Northern Flickers or Downy Woodpeckers, but I bet they were around and I just missed them. The best yard bird of the day was a Swainson's Thrush. I actually heard and found this bird Friday evening (new yard bird!). It has been hanging out in my crabapple tree eating crabapples. We whit back and forth to each other. I'm in love with this bird.

I take down my hummer feeder in the summer because there are so many flowers in my garden for them. Last week I put it back up, but today was the first day I saw it being used. I have a Rufous still spending time in my garden and boy is he feisty! This Anna's simply sat still while the Rufous buzzed her over and over.

Finally the Anna's dropped down to a pot of flowers. I wondered if she was injured. Finally the Rufous let up and the Anna's took off.

Besides birding from indoors I have some other rainy day projects: Owl Coasters.
Is it obvious which one was the first one I made!? Ha! Notice the gigantic over sized eyes on the left one.


  1. Some beautiful shots! I'm always entertained by hummers. I have the exact feeder you show here and the competition can be so fierce yet hilarious to watch. I'm getting mine back up this week as it turns colder to get the passers by!


  2. I like to "whit" back and forth with Swainson's thrushes too. Hummers sure can be belligerent little buggers. Your owl coasters are cute.



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