October 14, 2013

Fernhill Wetlands

We were hoping to go to Sauvie Island today, then realized that its a hunting day. With all the federal lands closed its probably even busier than normal there so we headed to Fernhill instead. Gorgeous weather, tons of geese. We had 50 species there and got another 10 at Dawson Creek and Beal Wetlands.



  1. Awesome, that first shot makes me want to sit down with some hot chocolate and a piece of pumpkin pie! Speaking of hunting- went to Sauvie on saturday for pumpkins and visited the wildlife viewing overlook thing on Reeder Rd. Watched in my bins as a hunter walked up to a coot and shot it in the freakin water. It was nuts. He was facing me so in the bins it felt like I was going to get shot. Ugh.

  2. Love the pelicans! Beautiful area.


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