November 26, 2013

Sunshine and Birds

It continues to be dry and sunshine-y here. It makes for nice birding and photography.
Sunday we went back to Jackson Bottom to look for the shrike. No luck. Again.

Jackson Bottom:

We were surprised to see two Common Yellowthroat. Others have been reporting them there too as it turns out.

At  Commonwealth Lake:

This odd Golden-crowned Sparrow had a very white throat. Hybrid?

This is the best place to see Green Heron! Once you know where to look they are pretty easy to find. We watched this guy for a long time as he plucked fish out of the shallow edges. Such a beauty.

Back at home, Maggie alerted me at 7:15am to an intruder. Good dog.


  1. Great green heron shots! I love them. Make a card from one!

  2. Yeah that heron/fish shot is awesome! Weird about the yellowthroats- I swore I heard one in Scappoose last week when it was below freezing, but decided it was very believable impression by a starling... Now I wonder...


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