March 31, 2014

My Patch

Bushtit nest under construction

Lesser Goldfinch on nest

Female Hooded Merganser and Turtle: Best Friends

What is a "Patch?" Its basically a local spot one birds on a regular basis and gets to know really well. I think this kind of sums it up. I discovered a wetlands near my house and have been visiting it since March 2. So far I have noted 53 species and I'm excited to see what spring migration brings. A recent highlight was discovering a Lesser Goldfinch on a nest. I went back today to get a photo. I also found a Bushtit nest and it seems the Canada Goose is sitting on a nest too. I was really excited to hear two Virginia Rail doing the grunt call today. I expect this place to continue to reward me with lots of good stuff!

"You will look forward to visiting your patch in the mornings and will vehemently resist attempts by anyone to threaten the peace in your haven. When you start having these feelings, you know that you have finally found your local patch."

That's me.


  1. Love that quote! Your patch looks amazing. That goldfinch nest is quite a find- I expect baby goldfinch photos in the future. Myrtle warbler too? Dang!

  2. You might want to report your Western Painted Turtle to the state website ( ODFW monitors populations across the state.

  3. Looks like a great patch to be visiting! I've been watching two bald eagles on our pond recently. It's a fun sight to see!

  4. That sounds and looks absolutely lovely! So glad you found a patch. :)


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