April 21, 2014

At My Patch

Yesterday morning I did a nice long patch walk. Baby birds are turning up already and the morning sunlight was great for capturing some photos of them.

This Killdeer adult and chick were both tilting their heads to keep an eye on a noisy crow up in the tree. I only saw one chick, but then two more materialized out of no where.

A new patch bird: Lincoln's Sparrow

Robins are building many nests under the decks of the condos near the path. Does anyone know if they nest close to each other or are they just building multiple nests? In some cases there are 3-4 under one deck.

My patch has been buzzing with Common Yellowthroats.

And the cutest for last: A sequence of photos of Mama Mallard. She was sitting next to the asphalt path catching some early morning sunshine.

And warming her ducklings.

Back at home the Chickadees have been collecting nest material and taking it to a street light. I'm not sure why they aren't using my perfectly good birdhouse!


  1. Beautiful,I've just started bird's in my yard and they are so funny and the color's of the. Red and blue bird's are awesome!

  2. Hooray for nesting season! I've read that female robins sometimes go nuts when they find a stable nest structure like a deck. They will build several nests at once and even incubate multiple clutches. Seems like a bad idea to me.

  3. Adorable duckling shots! I saw my first ones this morning. Your patch is really doing well- what's your total there so far?


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