May 27, 2014

Back to the Mountains

Yesterday we drove back up to the edge of Washington County and the Coast Range. We stopped at Gales Creek Campground first.

This Wilson's Warbler seemed to be displaying for a potential mate.

Then we headed up Storey Burn Road. Note: lots of people go out there to shoot guns on holidays. Yea. I'm going to blame that on why we could not see a single one of the mystery warblers singing all around us.

Best part of the day: Watching a Hairy Woodpecker (county bird #155) pair feeding hatchlings in their nest cavity.

Back at home the yard is a bit quiet. Here are some recent photos:


  1. Congrats on 155!! Awesome woodpecker shots. So what are your county nemeses at the moment?

  2. Nice photos. I particularly like the second one of the Wilson's Warbler, posing among the Cascara leaves.


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