May 13, 2014

Bloggerhead Shrikes Birdathon

Sunday I birdwatched for the Audubon Society of Portland's Birdathon. I joined two groups, but yesterday I birded for the Bloggerhead Shrikes group. We are birding individually, but blogging about our adventures. I planned a neighborhood walk. The two mile walk started at home counting birds in my backyard. Then my friend and I headed out, birding our way to Cedar Mill Creek, down the creek, through Cedar Mill Wetlands, and up Johnson Creek. We parked a second car at the end. This walk was mainly along greenways, but a few times we had to walk along busy streets and really it was a pretty (sub)urban walk. We tallied 45 species of birds.

Lesser Goldfinch have been enjoying taking pygora goat fleece from a suet cage in my yard. This morning I saw a chickadee finding bits of Maggie fur around the sliding glass door.

On our walk we saw and heard many baby Juncos.

This deer was grazing near Cedar Mill Creek, just a few feet from the trail.

At Cedar Mill Wetlands (my patch) we saw lots of good stuff including more baby mallards.

A Red-breasted Nuthatch nest cavity.

A view of the east end of my patch which is not accessible.

Then we crossed a busy road and continued up the Johnson Creek trail. It was pretty quiet on that stretch. All in all it was a nice walk and fun to see how all the neighborhood greenways connect to each other.
Thank you to all of you have contributed to the Audubon Society of Portland by pledging me. It's not too late to donate to them and I will leave the link on the sidebar of my blog if you would like to do so. They fund a wildlife care center, host educational programs and work on conservation issues around the state.

Later in the day we went over to Jacobson-Croeni Ponds to look around. The usual suspects were seen and we also found this guy peeking at us through the blackberries:

While walking through the fields I noticed Damselflies flying all around our legs.


  1. And did someone enjoy his official pin?

  2. I love the goldfinch and fleece shot!

  3. Bloggerhead shrikes ! Ha! Nice photos.

  4. Awesome photos ! I counted 20 different breeds of birds that visit my seed and nectar feeders daily in the spring and summers, and usually get a new bird visit or just passing through , so far two new birds visited our yard this month ! We are blessed with the nature we have in our valley and river banks ! Thanks for sharing , Have a good week !

  5. Awesome! Looks like you had a pretty successful outing, thanks for being a part of my team!

  6. You had a great count!!! Great photos!


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