July 21, 2014

Summer Birds and Dragonflies

Birding is slow during the hot summer days. I have been enjoying the action in my backyard though. I have at least two Rufous Hummingbirds that have taken over my yard and claimed it as theirs. The flowers are in full bloom and most of the time another bird or two can sneak in and get a sip of nectar when they aren't looking. I rigged up a perch in the main flower patch for the hummer to keep watch from.

Chickadee families are frequenting the suet feeder throughout the day.

Yesterday I was at Jacobson-Croeni Ponds looking around. I was hoping to do some dragonflying, but instead of sunshine it was cloudy and the dragonflies weren't out. The bird action was slow, but the best part was hearing a couple of juvenile Virginia Rails calling.

Then we went over to Dawson Creek to look for dragonflies...still too cloudy and cool. There were Wood Duck babies out though.

Today I went to my patch when it warmed up and found lots of dragonflies. I could look all these up and name them, but I have learned that I just forget them by next summer so I give up. I really enjoy seeing all the diversity in this super urban patch of wetland.


  1. Love the dragonflies! Do you use your zoom lens or actually get up close? I don't think the dragonflies around here would let me do that, but I could use the telephoto lens.

    1. Thanks! Yes, I use my bigger lens and crop the photos.

  2. Haha, that's a good ID attitude! Seriously though, awesome variety. Good stuff!

  3. Awsome dragonfly action and great photos. I gotta get out there!


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