August 12, 2014

On the hunt

We have been on the hunt for some very specific county birds. Some birds will migrate soon so we are trying to find them before they move on. We visited PCC Rock Creek's nature park since it is under-birded (on ebird anyhow). Sundays are a good day to go to avoid the $2 parking fee. We have to walk through the campus to reach the park. On the way I noticed a large patch of whitewash. A very large patch. What in the world? Upon further investigation we found these guys.

It appeared that there were two Green Herons in this nest. We figured we'd watch the nest some more on our way back and hopefully witness a feeding. Unfortunately on our way back an event was setting up right next to the nest. A band was setting up, tables were being assembled and cars were on the sidewalk. We took one last quick look at the nest and found three babies out on the branch watching all the commotion.

The nature park is a mix of forest and wetlands. And a Bald-faced Hornet nest.

We investigated a couple of other spots Sunday morning and then we saw a report of a Black Phoebe on Saturday at Commonwealth Lake. We drove over there and lucky us found it right away. New county bird!

Can you see the Green Heron and Black Phoebe?

More dragonflies. This first one was in my garden one day. The rest were at Commonwealth Lake.

Now, if only we could find a Yellow-headed Blackbird...

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  1. Ooh, congrats on the phoebe! Awesome find on the heron nest- I've never seen a Green Heron one. So cool. I keep meaning to mention that if you need any bird-scouting help, let me know! I would totally go check out some places you don't have time to visit.


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