November 11, 2014

Exploring Hagg Lake (again)

Yesterday we went back to Hagg Lake. I was hoping to add three more species to my county big year list, but I only got one more. That darn Eared Grebe just won't cooperate!

County bird #182 was a Greater Scaup that I didn't get that 'great' of a look at. Looking at birds three miles (I'm exaggerating) away with a scope is pretty ridiculous. I am learning what kind of birder I really am.

 me and the scope

Owls must be hanging out under the gazebo overlook because there were some big pellets in there. There was also a dead flicker hanging from the rafters which seemed really odd. Unlike some bloggers, I will refrain from posting a photo of the carcass. You know who you are :)

The best part of the trip for me, besides the sunshine was the plethora of fungi! There were so many juicy and alien species popping up in the woodland.

(a lichen)

We learned this is Helvella crispa. The common name of Elfin Saddle is so much more fun though.

Elsewhere mushrooms have been popping us and here are a few I photographed.

And a gall for good measure.


  1. And I hope they all tasted great!

  2. I know who I am...

    Love all the fungus and shroomy portraits. Excellent job on the big year so far! You're in the home stretch!


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