November 30, 2014

In the Backyard

Another White-throated Sparrow has been visiting.

I've been seeing the Slate-colored Junco on and off. Juncos are the most abundant bird in my yard these days.

On Thanksgiving Day I had an intergrade Northern Flicker visit.

I got a new hummer feeder that suctions onto the window. I have it set up about three feet from my yard viewing chair at eye level. Each morning they sips their nectar while I sip my coffee. Both of my hummer feeders have been super busy lately.

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  1. I saw that hummer feeder, perhaps on the BBS Facebook page, and thought that was a great idea. Since the cold snap my hummers have been back knowing full well that if they stare at me through the window long enough I will get the blow dryer out...

    Jealous of your White-throated! I need it for my motorless list this year!


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