December 20, 2014

Forgotten Photos

I found a few forgotten photos from last weekend. We made a trip up to South Saddle Mountain, the highest point in the county. We were dreaming of finding rosy-finch, but instead found strong winds and not a single bird. Oh well. The sunshine-y clear views were nice. We were able to see Adams, Hood, Jefferson, and the Three Sisters.

Next stop was Half Mile Lane. The wind was picking up there, but we got nice views of some Lincoln's Sparrow. This is a spot we hadn't visited this time of year, so it was nice to check it out.

Tomorrow is the Forest Grove Christmas Bird Count. The forecast is for lots and lots of rain. Ugh. We are scouring a sector of Hagg Lake. Hopefully we will turn up a new county bird or two for our year list.


  1. Nice Lincoln's. Have you really arrived as a birder when you can use the singular as the plural? I think so.
    Good luck on the CBC and I hope you lift that list!

  2. Somehow I missed this. Sweet views, though the lack of birds must have hurt a bit.


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