January 03, 2015

Gorge-ous Ice

The cold weather made for some beautiful ice in the Columbia River Gorge. The roads were clear so we headed out there to take some photos.

The first stop was Latourell Falls.

The spray from the falls made the path so icy that you would need crampons to continue so we stopped here to enjoy the view.

At Wahkeena Falls I got out my macro lens for shots of ice around the creek. I want to go back and do more of that!

Next stop: Multnomah Falls

At the parking lot there were more macro lens opportunities with all the ice on the cliff side.

On our waterfall tour, the last stop was Horsetail Falls.

Unfortunately, I didn't bring my bird lens. We stopped at Government Cove and found a Mountain Chickadee, but managed to get one shot of it anyhow.

I was temped to net him and bring him back to my yard in Washington County. I refrained.


  1. Ooh a Mountain Chickadee! Murder Cove- that's Hood River county, right? Dang it. If you go back and pick him up I'll give you gas money to stop by my yard too.

    Awesome shots of all the icy things! I love when the gorge freezes like that, it makes it even more magical.

  2. GORGEOUS! The photo of the waterfall with the bridge is incredible. WOW.


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