January 01, 2015

I Left the County Today

Today I birded outside of WA county. We drove up to Ridgefield NWR. What a zoo. Way too many people and not enough birds. Everything was iced over. Note to self: Don't go to Ridgefield when its this cold.

I didn't realize he was RIDING his parent's tail, but he is. Ugly little bugger but this is pretty darn cute.
Coot on ice.

It just isn't a Ridgefield post without a vole/heron shot.

After escaping the crowds and ridiculousness of going there on a holiday, we headed back to the safety of our county.

Red-breasted Sapsucker, OES Wetlands

A cooperative bird in some nice lighting. It was a very pretty sunny day and a nice way to start off the new year.


  1. Wow it wasn't a zoo when we went there in the past on NYD was it? Or was I younger and more tolerant. Sounds like you and the BYP were made to realize that you should just stay in the county you now know so well.

  2. Oh wow, that is a nutria behavior I have not witnessed before... So those nasty tails are good for something I guess.

    I can really only tolerate Ridgefield first thing in the morning on a weekday or possibly a rainy weekday afternoon.

  3. Beautiful captures. Happy 2015.

  4. Fantastic photos ! Happy new Year !

  5. Hah, love the nutria shot! Great way to ring in the New Yer!


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