January 21, 2015

Weekend Birds

The weather was sunny for a couple of days so it was perfect for getting out and taking some photos! At the OES Wetlands this hummer found some concrete to lick. I guess there are minerals in it that it wanted?

Jackson Bottom was flooded! The water is so high that you can hardly see the wooden blind in the middle of the photo.

Someone told us the Northern Shrike had just been seen over by the CWS buildings so we walked over there. We couldn't find the shrike, but we got sidetracked taking photos of the moss on this wall with our cell phones.

One path was open to the middle viewing shelter and as we scanned the flooded park, the Northern Shrike flew in for a brief appearance.

We moved on to Dawson Creek for some nice sunshiney photography. The ducks are always cooperative there.

The perfect birding pace.


  1. Wow, that's a nice shot of the shrike! I have to admit I stared at that first photo for kind of a long time trying to figure out why you took it, then read the caption, and only then noticed the bird.

  2. That is such a cool shot of the hummer! I never thought about them doing that. Fascinating. I'm always learning and pretty much feel most of the time like I know nothing!


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