May 04, 2015

Weekend Sounds

All the migrants are moving back into the area and they are singing their little heads off! Cooper Mountain is a great place to go to experience birdsong overload. Yesterday we visited the park and spent four hours watching birds. But mostly we were listening to all the songs.

This morning we headed out bright and early to go to Ridgefield NWR. We arrived before 7:30am and were treated to great light and lots of birdsong.

 And of course I found my lil green frog.

And if these aren't enough you can go to my Soundcloud page and hear more.

Listening enhances nature more than I ever could have realized.


  1. Very cool! I love all the sounds. Your ability to find little green frogs is something I envy.

  2. This is so great. Because of this post I changed my first migrants class field trip to Cooper Mountain. Who needs dark and dank ol Mt TAbor? Let's go where the birds are and you can SEE them! Thanks for getting me all psyched up!


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