June 19, 2015

Late Spring...Almost Summer!

Baby birds are everywhere right now! If I don't hear them begging for food, I see the adults flying off with food. A certain friend of mine suggested we start a new breeding code on e-bird. BS for bill stuffing. Specifically stuffing the bill with suet!

These sapsuckers have found a tree to make a nest cavity that is very well camouflaged. The bark matches their feather colors.

A Bushtit nest.

And at home....

Besides the suet being super popular (a cake a day!) the watering holes are busy busy! I have seven (can one have too many?) baths and I recently set my dripper back up and boy did that bring in some action!

Family bath-time!

Other birds seen that evening at the drip: American and Lesser Goldfinch, Junco, and Red-breasted Nuthatch.

An early visitor for me. Last year the Rufous hummers showed up in the garden in July which was early and this year they are even earlier. Maybe they nested nearby this year?

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  1. Aw I love the wet chickadee. My yard is feeling so inadequate between you and Darlene!


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