June 07, 2015

South Prairie

Today we visited South Prairie in the Gifford Pinchot National Forest. We were excited to see the Disappearing Lake.

But it had already disappeared!! Actually it looked like it was marshy and wet out there. On the other hand, across the road we found lots of water, birds, and dragonflies!

The area around the lake was riddled with these leg-breaking holes, likely formed by lava eons ago.

Bunchberry in all it's glory.


Lots and lots of damselflies. At one point it seemed the grasses were thick with them all mating.

We saw all kinds of dragonflies and I won't even try to look them all up and label them. Many were new ones for us.

A Tree Swallow pair had claimed this cavity and were close by keeping an eye on us.

Mama blackbird was busy catching dragonflies for some babies in the nest.

Two Spotted Sandpipers (can you find the one above?!) were hopping from lily pad to lily pad. I wonder if they were eating the dragonflies too?

A gorgeous day!


  1. Wow! So gorgeous! I can't believe you saw so many d-flies. Yum yum yum. Looks like a mighty fine day.

  2. Ahh looks so peaceful and lovely.


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