September 20, 2009

Color in the Garden

Even though summer is waning, there are still bits of color in the garden.

Nasturtium, Love-Lies-Bleeding, and Grandpa Otts Morning Glory all self-seed each year.

I planted some annual color in the vegetable garden: Lemon Gem Marigolds and Salvia. There is a bit of Basil in this photo too. I planted it by seed this year and will never buy another spendy Basil plant again. They were so easy to grow by seed!

The Hops are blooming.

Some sort of oniony chive-y thing is blooming and lookin great now in the herb garden. The mint had looked dried out and tired and I cut it back and now it looks great!

Above: a pretty waterlily. Below: a dogwood shrub.

The mild weather we have been having has greened everything up and refreshed the garden.


  1. Nature created them and we are helping their growth. Nice to see we can preserve the beauty created by nature. Nice shots. Lovely flowers!

  2. You have some beautiful plants. Thanks for sharing.

  3. What a lovely blog!

  4. Great to see so much colour in your garden. Everything is turning green over here. FAB


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