December 29, 2009

Another Sunny Winter Day

I love the sunshine in the winter! As well as improving my mood, it sure makes for some nice photographs too.

This Towhee posed nicely.

I went back to Dawson Creek on sunny Monday and enjoyed great views of these Hooded Mergansers. The boys are so pretty!

A heron sunning himself on the lawn .

I was tickled to get these close-up shots of a Yellow-rumped Warbler. The sunny blue sky and mossy branch are the perfect backdrop!

He was mixed in with a flock of Bushtits and Chickadees, but wasn't quite as "busy" as they were.

It was a cold morning and the edges of the pond were icy.

I couldn't resist making an icy pond mandala.

Friday we head to Ridgefield NWR for the 3rd annual auto tour. Take a look at the last two New Year's Day trips here and here. Who knows what we will see this year. The heron eating the vole was the highlight of last year! Yikes!


  1. Wow.....the shots of the towhee and Hooded Mergansers are gorgeous! ...and how did you get so close to the Yellow-rumped Warbler! He's beautiful...

  2. I have to say WOW too, these are amazing shots. I lvoe the birds and the detail in the ice is stunning.
    Happy New Years.

  3. Beautiful photographs! The sunshine makes me happy for you; I am hoping to see some again today after a snowy day yesterday.

  4. Wow, such gorgeous photographs! I need to get out and take some winter photos:)

  5. Great photos! I like the matching color combinations of the towhee and mergansers.

  6. An exceptional series and finally the snowflake... WOW Fantastic!
    Thanks and Happy New Year!

  7. Looking forward to the 3rd Annual Auto Tour! I'll wear my best hat.

  8. Super series including the ice shots. Happy New Year. FAB


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