May 23, 2010

Crystal Springs Rhododendron Gardens

It seems like a long time ago that we enjoyed the sunshine when in fact it has only been a week. We have been suffering from a long week of rain showers, hail, and a few parting clouds with sunshine. In a nutshell, it has been way too wet here!

It has been nice reviewing these photos and posting them. I almost can feel the sunshine as I see this Canada Goose basking in it.

The gardens are full of beautiful waterways serpentining throughout and curvy paths filled with woodland plants and need I say, Rhododendrons of every type.

I find Rhodies over-rated garden plants, but I do enjoy the flowers when they are in bloom. They are a bit gaudy, but when one is desperate for color after a long dreary winter, these fit the bill.

This is a great place to see ducks in the winter. We mostly saw Mallards that day.

Pretty primroses...

I'm hopeful we will get some dry weather tomorrow for a birding trip to Ridgefield NWR. I'll keep you all posted....

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  1. This garden looks beautiful.. and that goose makes me want to sit in the sun! If only we had some!


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