February 14, 2011


I made my second Granny Mandala. Similar rainbow colors, but slightly different. Did I mention these are addictive!? I gave this one to my mom.

Some Valentine's Love XOXOX..........

And if that wasn't enough, here is a photo of my six month old "brother" pup.....

...that says *love*.


  1. The mandalas' colors are so warm and inviting. Makes me want to eat em up! Good work, crafty lady!

  2. Your mandala's look really wonderful, they are definately on my list (I follow Alice and Raymond too...), I can imagine o so well how much fun it must be making them! You pup is adorable, such a shame you can't cuddle it off of a laptop....

  3. That heart image is really beautiful! I hope you use it for a notecard or something. The puppy is just as adorable as ever.

  4. Love your blog, your pics of the snow (as I can't always get outside to see the birds, we feed them too), your dog, and best of all your crocheting. I would love to know what kind of yarn you used for your mandelas and for your stars. It has a nice color and sheen to it. I might make a granny if I can find yarn like that. Thank you

  5. Hi Geowyn, I have been using Caron Simply Soft yarn. It does have a nice sheen like you noted and is soft and easy to work with. I have a few other brands two, but not sure what they are. Thanks for the nice comments.


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