October 25, 2011

Shorebirds and Cider

The Marina offered some good birdwatching and dogwalking. There is a trail that follows the shoreline that is nice and wide for dogwalking, jogging, and bicycling. It was close to the hotel so we visited it many times.

Not a shorebird, but he wanted to be included.

I heard them before I saw them. Can you see the Killdeer? There are five.
Against my better judgement, I'll try to ID these other shorebirds. Please tell me if I got it all wrong.

I'll guess Sanderling? (revision: Black-bellied Plovers, thanks John!)

Black Turnstone? Congratulate me if I'm right, I guessed this before looking in the field guide!

All three hanging together.

But gosh they look like juv. American Golden-Plover, argh. Shorebirds.

After shorebird viewing (I needed a drink--just kidding) I drove into the countryside to visit FinnRiver Cidery.

I found them online while researching things to do around Port Townsend. I was excited to see they offer a birthday discount and being the miser I am, I thought this is the place for me! Funny thing is, I got so excited trying all the ciders, I totally forgot to request my discount! Oh well, their stuff was totally worth it. I came home with a bottle of Black Currant Cider, Apple Wine with Apple Brandy, and Black Currant with Apple Brandy. The last two are more like cordials--sweet and tasty. It was such a nice place to visit and I would highly recommend it. Reading their website, I like their mission too. Nice people, nice place.

Back in town, another scenic evening.

Next up- a visit to the Sequim (pronounced Squim) area and Dungeness NWR.


  1. Wow some really nice photos there and I have no idea if you have the shorebirds right other than the killdeer. The cider place sounds like a dream - I love cider!

  2. The speckled shorebirds are young Black-bellied Plovers (dull coloring, thick bills). If you saw them in flight, you would notice black "wing-pits."

  3. Mmmm cider sounds good right now!! The plovers are beautiful and I like the photo with the turnstone and Killdeer too. Quite honestly, trying to ID shorebirds definitely makes me need a drink sometimes!


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