May 08, 2012

Baby Jays::: Day 8 & 9

Day 8, Sunday
Day 9, Monday
 The parents are very busy collecting food. I just now saw one pull a worm up like a Robin does. Yesterday I watched one catch Cabbage White Moths in mid-air. I was REALLY happy about that because they do a number on my veggies. Good jays. I put out dried mealworms on a tray feeder and they clean them up right away.


  1. They are getting SO big! And feathers all over now, kinda. The adults are so beautiful. This is really fun to watch them grow. Little angels. :)

  2. Fantastic photos . I am surprised you didnt get dive bombed from them being so close to their babies. Have a good day !

  3. I used to go out at night and pick off all the caterpillars from my Shasta Daisies and other flowers, keep them in the fridge then put them out for the Jays the next morning. They came a runnin' when I filled the tray with tasty grubs! You should don your headlamp and go see if you can collect some chick chow!


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