May 10, 2012

Garden Macros

Even though I'm a gardener and I always thought I looked closely at flowers and plants, I find that with the macro lens I see colors and patterns that I never noticed before. The fifth photo down, Saxifraga, is the perfect example. Each flower is itty-bitty and I never noticed the delicate pattern on them until I got down on my knees and took this photo. I'm loving my macro lens.

Spanish Lavender

Geranium 'Mourning Widow'

Future Apple



First damselfly of the season.  It appears to be a female.
I usually see Pacific Forktails,  but I haven't looked it up in my book yet.



Odd spider that was jumping from viola to viola.
I also noticed while trying to recall the names of all of these, my horticulture is getting very rusty!


  1. Fantastic photos ! The Macro lens really shows a whole new world doesnt it . Have a good day !

  2. These are really lovely photos. Thank you.

  3. That spider is crazy. Glad the macro lens is treating you well!

  4. I think these macro lens shots are fantastic! The detail is really amazing and you do get to see the plants in a different way. The damselfly is really great too.


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