May 14, 2012

Scrub Jay Nest Update

Day 14- Saturday
Day 15- Sunday
 Tonight I was shocked to only find two juveniles! I looked on the ground around the bush and couldn't find another. I hoped it hadn't died. Later when I was watering my garden I happened to glance on the ground and there it was! Alive and well!
Day 16- Monday

I am showing him what he has to live for.

I tried to make him fit back in the nest, but he wouldn't.
I guess I'll check on him in the morning and see what's going on.
Record breaking temps seem to be helping them out.


  1. "I wanna live!"

    You crack me up!

  2. The nest is stuffed full with just the two left. I can't help thinking the one that fledged so early is full of life -- and probably a male. He's fired up and ready to go!! I would think the parents would be feeding him and watching over him. He haz wings!


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