June 10, 2012

Ridgefield in the Morning

I got up early to check out the Carty Unit of Ridgefield. I only recall going there once many years ago. The fresh country morning air was perfect and no one was there! Except the trains.

There is a foot bridge that crosses over the tracks to enter the trails.

A Bewick's Wren greeted me.

Decidedly disapproving.

I knew this was there, but couldn't remember seeing it before.
That is because the construction was completed in 2005.
You can read more about the Cathlapotle Plankhouse here.

The trail winds through coniferous forests, oakland, and follows the Carty Lake. It eventually comes to a rock outcropping that is meadowy. I found a few flowers to enjoy. I think this would be a perfect place to come back to with a picnic, but then I remembered that soon it will be full of mosquitoes.

Snowberry blossoms

Brodiaea hyacinthina
Fool's Onion


Brodiaea congesta?

Plectritis congesta?
Sea Blush
I love this time of year- it is definitely justifying my field guide obsession.

Walking back towards the Plankhouse

More trains passing by.

Next I headed over to the River 'S' Unit to drive the auto route.

I stopped at the Kiwa Trail and walked a little bit.

The trail was so full of birds and singing that I was on overload. So much was going on!

Tree Swallow

Cedar Waxwing

Zippy Yellow Warbler

This is why I really stopped at the trail. I was hoping to find some frogs to photograph.
 I looked on many of the broad leaves, but found very few.

I thought this was a young bird waiting for food, but I think it was a territorial dispute instead.

I almost missed this guy. I soon realized why I wasn't seeing many frogs.
They were all on tree trunks instead!

Wood Duck family.

Juvenile Coot

Pied-billed Grebe

Savannah Sparrow

Cardinal Meadowhawk

A perfect morning!


  1. Lil green frog, how I love thee!

  2. So much good stuff! I have only been to the carty unit once myself- I blame the dogs. Awesome frogs! Love the one in the tree nook, so freakin cute.


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