February 03, 2013

From Whitaker to Steigerwald

I started out at Whitaker Ponds. I was so sad to see the sunshine gone today, poor me. Another cloudy photo day.

Some lichenscapes....

Then I moved on to Steigerwald. I got invited to go check it out for Birdathon. Since the fire, the access to the refuge is different. We parked further west of the main entrance and walked the dike to the refuge. I didn't find the dike that interesting of an area, but hopefully in May it will be teeming with birds. In general everything seems a bit quite now, but we still saw a couple dozen species.

This heron rookery was a fun find!


  1. Are those Western Meadowlarks?! Rad.

  2. You got some amazing shots in there even if it was cloudy. Sometimes I think that makes us work a bit harder to get really cool shots and you did!

  3. Bummer you didn't like the dike trail... I love it. Glad it will still work for Birdathon!


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