February 05, 2013

Soul Soothing

The weather forecast predicted rain today, but this morning it was partly sunny. I drove over to Bishop's Close and was not disappointed. What a gem of a place. Flowers were blooming everywhere, sweetly scented plants lined the garden paths and I actually sat on a bench and turned my head to the sun and basked.

Crocus, Snowdrops, and Winter Aconite 

Hummers were having territorial disputes over the blooming Viburnum.

Witch Hazels in all colors.

Edgeworthia has the fuzziest of buds and so sweet a scent!

This guy was going in and out of the rock wall in the parking lot. Such a cutie!

My timing was good- dark clouds moved in and it rained the rest of the day.


  1. Beautiful shots as always. I can't wait until we start seeing signs of springtime here in Virginia! Note to self... get some witch hazel for the garden!

  2. Wow you found a little secret garden of springtime. Cool! Snowdrops were the first (and only so far) flowers to pop up in my yard. Love that little chipmunk!

  3. Awww no fair it is spring already where you are! :) So love the photos though. I think those of the witch hazel are some of my favorites.


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