December 09, 2013

Backyard Report

Icy cold weather has kept me at home and today I spent lots of time watching the birds in my garden. I recorded 22 species today and 25 so far this month. Here are some recent visitors.

This was a fun pair to see: Bewick's Wren and Townsend's Warbler. This is the first Townsend's Warbler I have seen this year.

Today the Bushtits were finding food on the grass. I was surprised to see this. They later came back and were on the grass again in a different patch.

I hadn't seen my wild bunny in a few weeks, then out of the corner of my eye I saw a flash and he was zipping across the yard. I had been on the look out for him assuming he would visit the pond for water...likely the only source of water not frozen around here. He was coming from that direction and later I saw him grazing in the lawn.

All the birds have been visiting the bubbler and sitting on top to access water. I have another small pump that is still moving water and some birds drink directly from that as well (see Flicker below).

This female Anna's owns the back hummer feeder. She has a bush about 5 feet away where she watches the feeder and scolds and chases off intruders.

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  1. That bunny is nuts! Maggie is way too nice for allowing it to hang around. Great yard shots, I am envious of quite a few of those birds!


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