December 16, 2013

Hillsboro Rusty Blackbird

Today we went to Dawson Creek to see if I could see the Rusty Blackbird. I've only tried to find the darn thing four times! It's possible I'm the only birder in Portland who hasn't seen it.

There was still some ice on the pond, but the ducks were there anyhow.
Below is the weird intersex Wood Duck people have been reporting.

A flock of blackbirds flew in and we scanned for the Rusty Blackbird.


I almost had a fit when I thought the above photo was all I was going to get. Fortunately the flock came back and I got some good views and photos. No fits were had afterall.

What a gorgeous bird!

At Jackson Bottom I added a Northern Shrike to my year list! Pretty foggy and dark out there though.

At home the Varied Thrush have now eaten all the persimmons that were left. I highly recommend planting a persimmon tree. It has great fall foliage color, the persimmons are pretty and the birds love them!


  1. Haha I can't imagine you having a fit! Glad you finally saw the rusty AND the shrike! Your year list must be awesome. I'm pretty sure if I had a persimmon tree, Ralph would just be pooping persimmons nonstop.

  2. Great birds! So glad the blackbird stuck around for you. It took us three tries. I love the persimmon tree!


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