July 01, 2015

Birding South-Central Washington State

Sunday we headed to South Prairie again to look for birds and bugs. The weather was HOT as predicted and muggy with clouds and overcast. We spent some time looking at dragonflies and watching for new birds to add to our South Prairie list. (Mystery bug above.)

Later we made our way to the Mt. Adams area and explored some new spots and some old favorites.

One hightlight I have no photos of. But I do have a fun recording:

Later we made our way to Glenwood for the night. On the highway we saw two Common Nighthawks over a clearcut. It was only 6pm, but they were out already. We pulled off and watched and listened. It was just a taste of more to come.

Thick clouds were rolling in and in the middle of the night a fierce thunder and lightening storm developed right before dawn. Lots of rain fell and as the rain cleared we could hear nighthawks calling. Then the sky started to grow bright and pewees started to sing.

And that was just the first day!


  1. Wow so much awesome stuff! The pika/thrush duet is hilarious, I love the sapsuckers, and that mystery bug is insane! Glad you had a great trip.

  2. Also! I was just trying to find an insect I saw yesterday and I think I found your mystery bug: bittacomorpha occidentalis, aka Phantom Crane Fly. So neat.

  3. Pika and Thrush for the win! I love it, and I eagerly await the next post.


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