November 30, 2010

This Is A Bird I Didn't See This Month

My November Yard Bird List turned out pretty good:

2.Anna's Hummingbird
3.Spotted Towhee
4.Northern Flicker
5.Pine Siskin
7.House Finch
8.Red-breasted Nuthatch
9.Black-capped Chickadee
10.Golden-crowned Sparrow
11.Scrub Jay
12.Downy Woodpecker
13.Cedar Waxwing
14.White-throated Sparrow!!
15.Song Sparrow
17.Bewick's Wren
18.American Robin
20.Canada Goose
21.Lesser Goldfinch
22.Golden-crowned Kinglet
23.Chestnut-backed Chickadee
24.Mourning Dove
25.Red-winged Blackbird
26.European Starling
27.Steller's Jay
28.White-breasted Nuthatch
29.House Sparrow
30.Ruby-crowned Kinglet
31.Varied Thrush
33.Cooper's Hawk
(This including birds seen from my yard.)

I had hoped to be able to add Yellow-rumped Warbler (above), Townsend's Warbler, Sharp-shinned Hawk, Great Blue Heron, or a Purple Finch.

I plan to keep a list on my sidebar for December too. I think December's list may be all birds I see (anywhere) for the month. Would you like to keep a list too? If so, let me know and I'll come check out your list!


  1. Hi. I am so glad that you stopped by because I am just loving your blog. We are bird nuts here as well.

    I've been doing crocheted stars almost exactly like yours. I would like to block and starch them, but I have never used a stiffener on yarn. Anyhow, they are so cute. :)

  2. Man your yard list is impressive! I'm keeping one of just all the birds I've ever seen in my yard... I'm at 11. Ha. (p.s. I just registered!! Thanks for the tip!!)

  3. That's an impressive yard list you've got there! You're still FeederWatching, I assume...

  4. Good idea. I will re-launch my monthly bird list and keep an eye on yours.

  5. Jodi: I haven't used starch either, but I contemplated it. I wet them and layed them out flat to dry to take better shape.
    Jen: cool! it feels "official" to have a dotcom, huh?
    Heather: no I only participated in Feeder Watch that one year. I will probably do it again sometime though. I'll watch for some baking photos on your blog ;)
    Max: Great! I will check in, your blog has been a bit quiet lately and I miss it.

  6. I have been keeping a list since arriving in NC a few weeks ago..I have it on several posts as I see different birds..I should put them all together in one list..will do that soon.
    hope you see the Yellow rumped!
    Happy birding!

  7. Its really good post and the list which you have mentioned is quite impressive. I am also bird lover and i do work for one of the organisation who do work of saving nature and wild animal. Great Post.


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