October 18, 2011

Greenway Park

This afternoon treated us to more sunny warm weather. It looks like today might be the last day of it. I decided to take Maggie for a walk at Greenway Park in Beaverton. I usually see lots of birds there, but don't usually pack the camera since I've got the dog to walk. Maggie is good on the leash so I gave it a shot today. She was patient when I needed to stop and take a photo (as I am when she has to stop and sniff every other bush!). Good dog.

There were many mushrooms, but most were past their prime or someone kicked them to pieces. This one caught my eye. What a beauty! I would love to find more to photograph.

There were flocks of Yellow-rumped Warblers moving through. Other birds heard and seen were Black-capped and Chestnut-backed Chickadees, White-breasted Nuthatches, Northern Flicker, Juncos, and Bushtits.

Maggie wanted to make friends with this guy....or chase him up the tree.

Back at home I took a few fall photos.

I didn't get a Bushtit photo at the park, but this one was coorperative near the suet feeder.

If you are on Flickr. There is a photo group, Autumn Colour Week, featuring a different autumn color each day.


  1. Awesome fall colors! Jake and Ralph are pretty good about letting me take pictures, but if I'm not careful they will take the opportunity to both pee on something (and usually pee on each other). That is one amazing-looking mushroom!

  2. These are beautiful photos. I love the way the sun falls on them. It makes me feel like I'm there

  3. Wonderful photos.
    Miggy and I go for a walk every day weather permitting and sometimes I take my camera I hear you it is hard to photograph things when you have the dog on a leash. Miggy is pretty good sometimes but her being there sometimes scares off my subjects lol . Have a wonderful day !

  4. Pretty pretty shots and I can just "smell Fall" looking at them.


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