October 17, 2011

Ridgefield on Sunday

Yesterday I drove the loop at Ridgefield. It turned out to be a beautiful day.

I was surprised to not see any ducks moving in yet. But I did see some neat stuff. A pair of deer were feeding near the edge of a wet field. I think it must be a Mama and her young.

Bald Eagle

I saw three individual coyotes, but only got good photos of this one. I really enjoy seeing them. Pet dogs have the same mannerisms and I find it fascinating to watch them.

I love the colors in the photo above.

Dogs are not allowed outside the car. Poor Maggie.

I was excited to see this guy, but only got one quick photo before he flew. I assume its a Lincoln's Sparrow. I see them so infrequently. In the same vacintiy was a Purple Finch feeding on the ground.

There were lots of geese (cackling?).

Cranes could be heard flying over.

And when I got home I heard some flying over too. People were reporting seeing hearing them this weekend. It must be fall!


  1. So much good stuff! The Bald Eagle is awesome, and of course I love the coyotes. Nice find on the Lincoln's Sparrow. I am very familiar with that sad dog face in the window trick!

  2. What a wonderful day full of photos, I love the last two of the coyote he looks like he's spotted something and he looks so healthy.


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